Sketchnotes: Handout and Video

I decided there could be no better way to explain sketchnotes and how clearly they can get ideas across than to use sketchnotes to do it.  Below are the sketchnotes I made from BCPS meetings and my own research (both action and otherwise.)

sketchnotes handout

As you may have picked up, the reason I decided to write a blog was not so I could share my flawless writing skillz with the world.  Therefore, as a curtousy to all of you I decided to explain this with a video.  It is basically just what I would say to you if you were sitting in front of me being handed this at a workshop, meeting, etc.

Make sure to like and subscribe to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  I hope this was helpful, and I hope you made sketchnotes along with me 🙂 Also if you are thinking of joining along, I suggest THIS KIT.  It looked like the best thing for a good price to cover it all.



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