Shading the Sphere: basic knowledge for realistic drawing

Shading the sphere is a crucial lesson when it comes to how light effects, and can be drawn interacting with, all 3-D objects.  I have been teaching it as an introduction to success in realism for over a decade to students of all ages.  I decided I would also continue with our theme of sketchnotes by taking what I made in the video and decorating it with all the information I didn’t have time to write or draw during the video.

The following video is something you might want to watch more than once, because I cannot stress enough how important and constantly applicable this information is throughout a lifetime of drawing.

After I finished the video I was naturally inclined to complete a sketchnote as I would always do, but then I remembered I have a blog to share that with too now!  So here is how it turned out in the end.  I tried to make it so that someone might be able to learn it just from the sketchnotes, and not need me talking.

sphere sketchnotes

Well, I hope you learned something about drawing, sketchnotes, or hopefully a whole lot about both!  Thanks for reading, watching, and listening.  For more info on sketchnotes check these posts out too:

Sketchnotes: Handout and Video or

Why sketchnotes work


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