How to Draw: Bubble Letters (and prison) video and sketchnotes

This time we will be talking about something that is very basic and quite easy to succeed at, bubble letters.  I know they seem super basic to some of you, while others are thinking that you can’t even write normal letters very well, but don’t worry (my handwriting is horrible) in the video and the sketchnotes I lay out a pretty simple system that makes any bubble letter, number, symbol, random shape, pretty easy.  All it takes is a little practice to get great at it!

The other reason I made a video for bubble letters is that it teaches you how to make a connection between what your eye sees, the line or shape your mind wants to represent, and your hand holding the art supply.  This is a fluency skill when it comes to art.  You need to learn to speak the language of drawing in the same way a talented musician “speaks the language” of their instrument fluently.  The goal is to reach a place where seeing becomes drawing automatically.  Sounds impossible, I know, but it is easy with practice.

Anyway heres my great video complete with story about prison!!!

As has become our custom I later finished up the page and created a sketchnote that shows all the information I hope people are taking away from this lesson.

letter sketchnotes

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