How to Draw: The Hand (video and sketchnotes)

Drawing the hand is an important thing to learn on your journey as an artist. It can help you in many ways, but the most important is that it gives you an infinitely variable challenge for your drawing practice. It’s always with you, you can’t forget to bring it with you, infinite different poses, and it helps practice shape, form, shading, line, observation, and rendering skills. In short, IT’S LIT!

I hope you liked/ didn’t mind the new video intro and closer. Youtube told me to do it. lol. Here is a page of sketchnotes based off the video in case you want to base your own on it, or even just print out mine.

hand sketchnotes

I really hope you enjoyed learning about the only tool you ever need to practice drawing(except maybe THIS THING or maybe THESE) Don’t be too good for Sammy the Snail!!!

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