Drawing Supplies: 3 Different Levels

Drawing Supplies

level 1-

A level one drawer is someone who already cares enough to want everything they are going to need when working on a drawing, but for reasons of time, money, or just life in general, they don’t have interest in getting anything more than the basics.  This is a perfect amount to buy if you are taking an art class, but aren’t sure how into it you are going to get.  In other words this is perfect for anyone who has my art class.

  1.  A Pencil Case
  2. Regular Pencils
  3. Large White Erasers (why leave a pink residue?)
  4. A Decent Set of Colored Pencils (no more searching in bins for “the same color.”)
  5. A Sharpener with a Shaving Catcher (empty it once per drawing, much neater.)
  6. Permanent Markers (you don’t have to have them, but they sure do help.)
  7. A Sketchbook (around 9×12)   (spiral bound lose pages slower)


A level 2 artist might be someone who is really starting to get into drawing.  They know that now is the time they need to be practicing as much as possible.  They need all the things mentioned before, but now they need some more specialized tools in order to explore and discover what it is they want to explore with drawing.  Other than the things in level 1, and a zillion blank pieces of paper…

  1.  Upgrade to an Art Bin (like the pros)
  2. Blending Stumps (awesome secret tool)
  3. Metallic Markers (because they are lit!)
  4. Kneaded Erasers (bendable to erase even the tiniest marks)
  5. Definitely Upgrade Your Sharpener (those tiny things are for chumps)
  6. A Killer Set of Colored Pencils (choices are nice)
  7. Or my favorite guilty art supply pleasure… GEL PENS (Don’t Judge Me!)


Level 3:

A level 3 artist is someone who has decided drawing, but more importantly, ART is for them and they are willing to spend their extra money, extra time, and really try out being an artist as a way of life (and learning.)  Other than all the supplies and required commitment to your adventure in art, there is one final art supply that every artist has used since the beginning of time to take their artwork from average to everlasting…

  1.  Practice

art supplies





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